xiii. buy one, get one free

Honey, I’m home!

I did a thing. A potentially stupid, mainly revengeful thing.

So, I’m seeing this guy. Or at least, I thought I was until things started to go downhill and I got all up in my head about things between us. We had been talking for a few months now and it became harder and harder to make time for each other the closer exams got. He claimed things were fine between us; that we could still make the distance work.

But then I got mad. I was mad that I was putting in the effort to drive an hour away every weekend and mad that we never went on a proper date, but most of all mad that no matter what I couldn’t seem to just break things off. Apparently, I just like to make a mess of my life.

So what does heartbroken and confused little Tinderella do? She downloads the app once again. Oh yeah.  Continue reading “xiii. buy one, get one free”


viii. to new beginnings

The four days following our new years together were heartbreaking for me. And then it got even worse.

I didn’t realize that he wasn’t speaking to me until the afternoon of the 2nd. I had just figured he was busy with family stuff and a hangover after I dropped him off after breakfast and I didn’t want to continue to bother him, but I realized something was wrong the next morning when I was still not getting any replies. He would open all of my snapchats and not reply and was also ignoring my text messages. Of course, I knew immediately what was going on, but I don’t think I was ready to admit to myself that this was all about my decision to not put out.  Continue reading “viii. to new beginnings”

iv. conflict of interest

I’m not even going to lie here – I had faith in this one. I really did. But to be fair, we didn’t meet on tinder. This one goes back about a year and a half.

I had a meeting at the bank one day with my parents to settle some finance related issues for school. It was the first time I actually had to meet with a financial advisor, so naturally, they gave me the new guy. It was love at first sight… with my parents in the room. Lovely. He was charming and funny and I had planned out our entire wedding and named our three kids before he could even sit me down in his office. From that day forward, I would find any excuse in the books to need to go to the bank and see my financial advisor. I wanted this one, and I wanted it bad. Meetings with him went from super professional to talking about our FOB grandparents and our school and common interests. I was smitten, and call me crazy, but I started to get the feeling that he was too.

My frequent bank meetings went on for approximately a year and I feared making a move because I knew that if this blew up I could never see him again and I wasn’t ready for that.  Continue reading “iv. conflict of interest”

iii. say that again

Sometimes, you come across people on tinder who make your day infinitely better with how dumb they can be. This was one of those days.

Because of who I am as a person (trash, I am trash), I sent a message to the group chat about this cute boy who had been talking to me on tinder (newsflash boys: girls will almost always talk about you in their group chats and it isn’t pretty). I got to talking about how cute he was and that he seemed genuinely interested in wanting to get to know me, however, that just raised my suspicions more. I damn well knew this was way too good to be true. Something had to be wrong here. He seemed too nice. Continue reading “iii. say that again”