xiv. a thotful year in review

For lack of a better word, 2017 was tragic for me. It was a tough year in a lot of ways. I lost a lot of people, I faced a lot of challenges, and I did a lot of stupid shit. Overall, this past year put me through the ringer. Honestly, my dating life in 2017 was the biggest joke and what better way to celebrate the shit show of a year being over than with one big long blog stating right from the top. Strap in folks, this is a long one.  Continue reading “xiv. a thotful year in review”


xiii. buy one, get one free

Honey, I’m home!

I did a thing. A potentially stupid, mainly revengeful thing.

So, I’m seeing this guy. Or at least, I thought I was until things started to go downhill and I got all up in my head about things between us. We had been talking for a few months now and it became harder and harder to make time for each other the closer exams got. He claimed things were fine between us; that we could still make the distance work.

But then I got mad. I was mad that I was putting in the effort to drive an hour away every weekend and mad that we never went on a proper date, but most of all mad that no matter what I couldn’t seem to just break things off. Apparently, I just like to make a mess of my life.

So what does heartbroken and confused little Tinderella do? She downloads the app once again. Oh yeah.  Continue reading “xiii. buy one, get one free”

ix. on again, off again

Getting myself back onto tinder after the breakup made me feel a mixture of emotions. I felt kind of weird putting myself back out there, but it was my one last fuck you I’m better without you to side hoe so I bit the bullet and did it one night. And boy, am I ever glad I got myself back out there because now I have so many entertaining stories to share with the world. I forgot in the short time I was with side hoe how tragically entertaining the tinder world could be, and how cute boys were. I feel like I had a new confidence going back into the dating world now. I wasn’t afraid to go after what I wanted and I wasn’t going to take anyone’s bullshit. I was fully equipped for this now. I felt different somehow.  Continue reading “ix. on again, off again”