ix. on again, off again

Getting myself back onto tinder after the breakup made me feel a mixture of emotions. I felt kind of weird putting myself back out there, but it was my one last fuck you I’m better without you to side hoe so I bit the bullet and did it one night. And boy, am I ever glad I got myself back out there because now I have so many entertaining stories to share with the world. I forgot in the short time I was with side hoe how tragically entertaining the tinder world could be, and how cute boys were. I feel like I had a new confidence going back into the dating world now. I wasn’t afraid to go after what I wanted and I wasn’t going to take anyone’s bullshit. I was fully equipped for this now. I felt different somehow.  Continue reading “ix. on again, off again”


i. tutoring gone wrong

My first ever Tinder meetup was a whirlwind of emotions for me.

There are a few things you should learn about me before we get into the story. First of all, as witty and charming as I may project myself via text, I’m a trembling, scared chihuahua when it comes to meeting someone in person for the first time. Second, I have a tendency to get overly excited, and thus prematurely attached to someone I barely even know.

With that being said, I feel we can continue on with the story of my first breakthrough into the wonderful world of tinder meetups.  Continue reading “i. tutoring gone wrong”